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Automobiles – Tips On Buying A Used Car

If you have made your mind up to buy a second hand vehicle, it would be necessary to exercise more caution than buying brand new.  It is decidedly cheaper than buying the newest makes and models but there are downsides to it that you have to watch out for. You need to take a close look into the history of the vehicle, if it has been involved in accidents, what the extent of the damage was, what condition is it in, and so on.  All used cars would not have warranties so you will need to depend on the Federal Trade Commission’s required Buyer’s Guide, which should be displayed on windows of second hand vehicles put up for sale.

Here are some of the things you need to know when buying a used car:

1.     State law requires any used car to undergo inspection before being sold.  Ask the dealer to produce copies of inspection records for emission and safety.

2.    Some cars are sold “as-is” which means it would not have dealer warranty, or if you buy directly from a seller.  Make sure that you inspect the car thoroughly before striking a deal because you will pay for any repairs done on the car right after.

3.    If you’re used car comes with a dealer warranty, make sure to bring along a trusted mechanic to inspect the car.  Have the dealer explain what is in the warranty and have those listed down.  Ask how long the warranty is for.  If you choose to get extended warranty, negotiate for a good price.

4.    Before paying for the car, ask for the title so you can do instigate your own title search.  This would allow you to know the history of the car including accidents it might have been involved in.

5.    Always test-drive any vehicle you are interested in buying. Dealers and direct sellers should be agreeable to this, so run away if they seem hesitant for you to drive it or says no altogether.  Have your trusted mechanic come along with you for this too.

6.    Make sure you have the title and all other documents pertaining to the vehicle.

7.    Online auctions are an option and if you would like to get into that type of purchase, be extra careful and diligent.

8.    Always verify the vehicle identification number and run a title search for vehicles you want to bid on online.

9.    Research the market value of any second-hand vehicle you are interested in.  If you are doing this online, do not bid until you are sure of the vehicle’s history, ownership, and market price.  For those who are buying a used car from a dealer or direct seller, knowing the market price will give you leverage in negotiating.

10.    If you are purchasing a vehicle through online auctions, pay by credit card.  It would be easier for you to get your money back just in case you get defrauded or have been given misleading information.

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