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Car Maintenance Tips

Your car is very important in going around. Just imagine if you need to catch up the bus every day and one time you get caught in an unexpected situation going to the station, you will miss the bus and your appointment for that matter. If only you had done basic maintenance on your car you would have extended its optimal performance.

Sooner or later your car will need repair and maintenance. That’s inevitable. But if you can extend your car’s excellent condition why not do it right now? You don’t really need to go the repair shop every time a minor repair is needed and get ripped off in the process because you don’t know any better. There are a few basic car maintenance steps that you must learn in order to keep your car in great condition for long.

Tips In Keeping Your Car In Great Shape

• Take care of your engine. Regular oil changes are very important in keeping your engine running well.

• Keep it clean. Schedule a regular washing and waxing session. You can do it on weekends if that’s your only free time. A shiny and clean car is not only attractive but also protects it from corrosion.

• Minor concerns must be taken care of the soonest time possible. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate and result in expensive repair later on.

• Don’t scrimp on the parts. Of course there’s a price difference between original parts and generic parts. But then it’s the quality of the performance that you’re after here. Stick to the original parts and you will see why.

• Drive carefully. City driving or road trip, there is no need for you to rush to your destination. Accelerate slowly when you begin to drive. Careful driving will also prolong the life of your tires.

• During extreme weather conditions (very hot or very cold), avoid accelerating quickly and driving at high speeds.

• Gas up from reputable service stations. Improper mix of alcohol and fuel can affect the performance of your car. Check also if the gas station has a policy of changing the pump filter regularly.

• Stuck in mud or snow? Rock it gently. Assess the situation. If you’re really stuck, call the tow service.

• Use a light keychain. Heavy keys and keychain can wear out the tumblers inside your ignition and that can lead to ignition switch failure.

• Get insured. A good car insurance policy will take care of the damage and maintenance whenever there’s a need for it.

• UV sunlight can cause interior damage. Park in shaded areas.

• Keep your interiors clean. It’s not only the outside appearance that you should be concerned about. The interiors are just as important.

• Take care of your leather seats accordingly. For fabric upholstery, use a fabric protectant to make it resistant to dirt and stains.

• Fix small chips and cracks as soon as you find one to avoid expensive maintenance fees later.

• Don’t overload.

Treat your car like a precious property. It needs regular cleaning and should be handled with care to extend its life.

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