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Car Smarts – City Driving At Your Best

Find city driving too intense and exhausting? You are not the only one. Some people may even think of the driving as a sport in itself, extreme sport that is. You might have experienced suffering from a headache with all the driving that you do to and from work and you sometimes may think that driving is not worth all the hassle, maybe commuting would be better. Nevertheless, you know how hard it would be not to have the conveniences and freedom that having a car may offer. Although you have to go through horrendous traffic, polluted districts, difficult and pricey parking, endless constructions, and aggressive drivers, you still would choose these over crowds in the subway, bumpy taxi rides, and perverse strangers.

How do you make your driving life easy? Here are some tips that will help you get through the day.

1. Learn to breathe and relax – sometimes, with the many aggressive drivers and unruly pedestrians on the street, you find yourself wanting to blast your horn or just roll down your window and pick a fight. But, you will probably regret it later since you would have spent so much energy that you could have used for a lot more better and constructive things. If you pick a fight early in the morning, you will be carrying that irritation throughout the day, making you less productive in the office with that incident gnawing at you. If you pick a fight on your way home, then you would have spent whatever energy you have left and not have enough to spend quality time with your family or read a bedtime story to your kids.

2. Get a “city” car – whether you like it or not, the city is congested, and it will be worse in the future. Instead of bringing your SUV to work, get a smaller car that fits the city lifestyle. This would mean less trouble in finding parking slots and squeezing your car into tight spaces. Additionally, a smaller car would offer better fuel economy in horrendous traffic. You will also want to consider getting an automatic transmission vehicle instead of a manual transmission car. Automatic transmission offers your hand and your feet respite from all the driving that you have to do. Besides, if you like manual transmission because you get to go faster, then city driving defeats your purpose as you would not have a chance to drive really fast anyway.

3. Get a car that has parking assist technology – The most accidents happen in the cities because drivers tend to ignore the allowable distance for reflexes to kick in. You might have had the urge to push your car forward even if the space looks too tight and this would mean damages and scratches to both you and the vehicle/s that you bumped into. Parking is also a problem, especially if you are running late and have to park quickly or else. Sensors prevent these untoward incidents from happening since you will be forewarned by the sound if you are too near the next vehicle, parked or moving.

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