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Car Smarts – You Can Go the Distance!

Like any other possession you have, your vehicle needs a lot of care from you. The car is one type of property that needs regular maintenance for it to perform efficiently for you. If you are the type of person that does not care whatever state your vehicle is in, as long as it has nor bogged down on you yet, then you should rethink vehicle ownership.

After purchasing your car, there are maintenance schedules you should keep up with if you want your car running in mint condition.

Why should you keep your car maintained?

1. Your mileage depends on how well you take care of your car. A dirty engine, under-inflated tires, lack in fluid (like oil and water) can cause your car to malfunction. This might mean a very costly repair, or you getting involved in an accident.

2. Unkempt car interiors and exteriors would cause your car to devaluate in value faster than the dollar nowadays. As soon as you get your new car out of the dealership, its market value goes down about 20% and then just keeps on going downhill from there. Imagine how much more depreciation your vehicle could suffer from if you fail to preserve it for a s long as you can.

3. Vehicles suffering from any malfunction, either big or small, can lead to accidents that can not only damage the vehicle, but can cause injuries to you, your passengers, and to other people on the road as well.

4. The car’s interiors, including all air filters, is your haven from the pollution that roams freely outside. If you do not have these filters cleaned out regularly, you or your passengers are likely to suffer from regular bouts of allergies and respiratory problems.

5. A dirty engine means a dirty exhaust and this means you are contributing to the world-wide problem of global warming.

How do you keep your car maintained?

1. For starters, read your car owner’s manual. This manual details everything you need to know about your vehicle, including scheduled maintenance work, suggested oil brands, suggested battery, the psi of your tires, and many other useful and important information.

2. Never let one small malfunction get bigger. Sometimes, the worst mistake you can commit is to procrastinate on the repair of your car and its parts. For instance, you keep on delaying washing your car for so many various reasons, neglecting the fact that dirt is harder to take out once it has totally dried up. You are forgetting that the dirt, dust, and debris your car collects will inevitably have many chemical components that will damage your car’s body.

3. Learn how to “read” your car. You vehicle will give signs when it is in distress or when it need a tune-up or some task like that. Yu should learn to interpret these signs and symptoms as your car still does not have the function to take care of itself or tell you what ails it. Be sensitive to small details like a slight sputter, or your tires becoming threadbare and worn out.

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