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Choosing The Best Gas Card

Nowadays, everybody just loves to drive. The only downside of driving is the expense that comes with it – maintenance and of course gas expenses. But what if there’s a way to save up each time you pump for gas? It sounds too good to be true right?

With today’s technology and advancements, it’s seldom that you pay in full for anything anymore. And the same applies to gas. Credit card companies now offer a wide range of reward based credit cards that incorporates savings on gas. What’s nice about these gas credit cards is that you can save a lot per gallon you fill in.

If you are not familiar with the works of gas credit cards, the process is not that hard to understand. Gas credit card is simply a credit card that has rewards. It’s just like a card that gives cash back or a bonus airline mile. It simply gives back a percentage of your fill-ups. Most gas credit card will take off a certain percentage of prices per gallon. The BP Visa credit card for example, it takes ten percent off per gallon on the first ninety days. So if the current price of gas is three dollars per gallon, you will only pay $2.70 per gallon. That’s a saving of 30 cents per gallon and you can only imagine how quickly it would add up.

Gas credit cards differ from a basic reward card to a credit than can only be used at a particular gas station. What you’ll discover is that if you sign up for a credit card that is only applicable for a certain gas station, is that you will be able to save more per gallon compared to a reward card. A reward card on the other hand, will give you savings on gas and you will also get rebates on groceries and other things as well.

So what kind of gas credit card should I apply for? That is really up to you, if you are filling up at the same gas station every week, then you should get a card that focuses on a particular gas station so that you’d be able to save more money per gallon. If you are one that travels around and travels a lot on foreign grounds, you may not be able to find the gas station for your gas card. So this is where reward gas credit card would come in handy. Though you may not be saving as much money as you will on a gas credit card, still you will be saving.

If you’ll consider the options, you’ll find that most of the credits card will suit you. The ones that may not be suitable are the ones for a particular gas station not found in your area. If you can decide which, it won’t hurt to apply for two separate cards. You can use one at your particular gas station and if you are not near that station, you can your reward card instead.

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