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Discount Credit Cards For Your Gas Savings

Since the beginning of time, saving money has been the biggest obstacle in every household. Not every family can save as much money as they want because of their daily expenses. They spend money on food, clothes, and other important matters. And this includes gas or fuel for your car.

When you consume gas, every penny is worth saving. Since prices have skyrocketed, we can’t determine on how much gas you must spend on gas alone. To get you into saving, pay for gas and get a little refund with the help of… well, plastic. Don’t believe me? Well, read on!

To get your own “plastic” object which we call a credit card, you must know which of the best cards to choose with a discount rate on gas.

A BP Visa is worth your money spent. Aside from using this card on gas with a 5% rebate, you also receive other rebates on other goods. Whenever you use this card, you’ll receive a 5% rebate on all BP purchases in any stores. Also, when you dine out in selected areas or spend it on travel expenses, you get a rebate of 2%. Another 1% rebates for other all other purchases that accept BP cards in any stores.

If you want more freedom on spending, then a Chase Freedom Card is just right for you. With this card, you earn 3% back on your top three sending categories. This card is worth if especially if you buy a lot of gas. Aside from that, you also get a check of $250 once your rebates mount up to $200. You get to earn extra without you knowing it!

For other cards that can save you for your gas and automotive maintenance purchases, try the Discovery Open Road. When using this card, you get benefits such as 5% cash back on your purchases, plus 1% back on everything non-car related items. You also have the power to increase your rewards, double them, and exchange it with the form of gift cards – a perfect way to send them as presents for the holidays. You can use these gift cards on any store and services: book stores, restaurants, florists, retailers, and travel needs.

Choosing the right card for you may be hard for you. It has to suit your needs and your lifestyle. And the best of all, it has to be ideal for your spending at home. Then again, if you don’t want to burden yourself with bills every month, then try these alternatives in saving money at the pump:

•    Use a public transportation. It may not be favorable for you; yet, you have to make sacrifices for a change to meet those needs of yours. It might not be the best ride, but it certainly saved you every penny from your wallet!

•    Eat at home. It’s very expensive to dine out and spend for food. So try cooking for a change and whip up a delicious delicacy for your loved ones and friends.

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