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Save That Money With Gas Cards

There have been numerous signs that gas prices will be higher and higher as time passes by. There is no end to this predicament; fuel exporters have been gaining much from this crisis as well. All we could do is hope and pray that one day, gas prices will lower down.

However bad the situation is, there are countless ways on how to save big money. Want to know how? Through gas cards, of course! You avail the lowest prices of gas while you use your gas cards.

Here are a couple of secrets to get you into saving for gas, big time:

1. Save money while using gas cards. You use the card to avail of the lowest gas prices and you earn rebates in the end. Every purchase you do through your card, you instantly earn rebates. Most percentage rebates of the cards range from 2% to 5%, depending on the type of card. Most cards have higher APR and will stop once it expires. These rebates can be collected any time you want to.

2. Redeem rewards. Every reward points you get from purchase, you get to redeem it once it reaches its limit. The points can be exchanged into cash banks or other forms such as gift checks or discount coupons.

3. Redeem rewards before expiration. Never wait for the expiration date to arrive. Convert it directly to avoid losing those extra savings. Although there are some cards that let you pile up your reward points for longer periods; and accumulate them any time.

4. Choose your rewards wisely. Cards have different ways to give out rewards, so pick a card that suits you best. One example is the cash back reward, but they may also be exchanged such as airline tickets, gift checks, and other merchandise or products.

5. Pay bills fully and on time. Do not think just because it’s a credit card does not mean you have to delay payments. To get a good credit record, pay your bills in full. This is to avoid excess balances and interests on your next billing period. Also, check for the due date and pay if on time. If you don’t want to pay any additional rates such as APR, set a good record.

6. Take advantage of the 0% APR introductory rate. Majority of the cards offer rates such as the APR rates during the first few months. During the specific period, the card will not charge any additional bill on the maintaining balance, with no interest on your credit. APR expires only after the introductory rate is over.

7. Double those rewards. These yummy rewards are received once those cash back rewards are used to pay your gas purchases. Your accumulated savings will be doubled and increased especially if the percentage rebate of the card is 5%.

If you are finally convinced that gas cards can actually save money, visit your local credit card company and apply now!

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