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Saving Up On Air Conditioner Parts

Repair costs for automobiles nowadays would easily make anyone and not just the average American cringe because of its continuing increase. Though admittedly, car service centers offer the best alternative. They’ve got people with training and expertise as well as the proper equipment so nobody can ever contest how successfully they can do their job on repairs and maintenance of auto and car parts.

However, with all the news and rumors on rip-offs that happen in service shops, car owners are now hesitant and are seriously considering ways to avoid bringing in cars for repairs and maintenance in these service centers. Most well known car shops are exempted of course, but the unbelievable expense of bringing in your car for consultation and price parts and service would really make you and other car owners think twice before having their cars serviced.

While with other cheaper car service centers, the owner’s worried would be on the possibility that the people handling their cars might be less experienced technicians and the parts would be substituted with sub quality parts which could be cheaper but are less durable.

Luckily for car owners, some car maintenance jobs can easily be done even without having to bring it in a service station. One of which is making a busted air conditioner work. Instead of suffering from the heat, there are some tips that can get that busted air conditioner to work again.

The first thing that you need to do is to inspect your fan belt. Sometimes, this malfunction is caused by a slipping or a broken belt.

If the fan belt has already been corrected or replaced yet the air conditioner still won’t work, check if additional refrigerant is needed. You’d need a pressure gauge, goggles and a refill kit for this task (you may ask your friendly auto parts for advice on this). You’d find the kind of refrigerant you need by looking at the label under the hood. You will know if you need refrigerant if when you turn on your air conditioner and it cools or engages a bit then turns off. Refrigerant kits are usually available in most auto stores but if you car requires an R12 type of refrigerant, that you be more expensive.

Small cans of R134 types of refrigerant are available but the older types of air conditioners with R12 needs to be ordered from by your local auto shops so its is more expensive. Moreover, auto shops that can do the ordering have professional technicians and might insist on checking and repairing the leaks in your air conditioning systems.

But you can also consider transforming you air conditioner to an R134 type of refrigerant if you change your air conditioning system. This will then be more complicated and harder to do. If you don’t have any background on automotive repair or air conditioning system, it is best to bring in your car to a service center.

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