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Get Fuel For Your Car Using Gas Credit Card

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Gasoline pricing is like a roller coaster ride. For the past year, gasoline price was in a steep climb then it went on a downward spiral the last few months. Right now, it is showing some signs of going up again. From a high of $4.50 few months back, regular gasoline now sells in the vicinity of $1.75 with a noticeable rise in some states like California.

Car Insurance For Youthful Drivers

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

A newbie driver would be better off driving an old model vehicle rather than a top of the line market class ride. Unless you have a bottomless reservoir of cash, one must be wary of how one drives on the road. Being new means a greater propensity to commit mistakes and thus cause accidents. Since insurance companies keep tabs on one’s claims on insurance profile, a lower or nil claims profile would translate to lower insurance rates. A young driver’s records are never lost and would be a reflection of one’s risk level as one grows older. Many times, due to a driver’s records, the premiums are so steep that it would be cheaper to take the bus or take a taxi everyday.