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Ten Tips To Getting Better Gas Mileage

Ever wonder how you spend on gas through credit cards but still end up paying big at the end of the month? Seriously, if you are having trouble with spending, especially on gas and auto repairs, and you don’t want your car to be towed away from you because of bad debt, you might want to think of solutions to your dilemma.

To solve your problems over car spending, here are a couple of tips that you can use.

1. Keep your tank full.
Why need you ask? It’s not everyday that you have to get out and use your car, however, it’s more costly if you fill it up in half and go back the next day for another refill. It takes too much on your time. Do it all at once to save both time and money.

2. Drive safely and sensibly.
Not everyone are sensible drivers. Some go over the mile and become aggressive in the way they drive. Over speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking are not only dangerous, but they waste gas. Driving safely can not only save gas, but it save yours and other lives as well.

3. Plan your route ahead.
If you want to go somewhere and you need to be there on time, know all the routes and possible shortcuts. You don’t want to end up stuck in a traffic jam and end up losing gas, right? The fewer routes you travel, the better.

4. Keep your car in tune all the time.
It’s no use if you drive an off-beat car with no maintenance whatsoever. What’s wrong with you? Seriously though, always maintain your car. Check all the ins and outs of your car. if something’s wrong, fix it right away.

5. Use DFCO if possible.
If you have a few bucks to spare or even have the time to manually install the de-acceleration fuel cut off control, then you’re doing the right thing. DFCO not only saves fuel during sudden acceleration and de-acceleration, but you’ll also increase its life of brakes and clutch.

6. Apply for a gas credit card.
This is very easy. Look for a few gas credit card companies that offer good rebates and discounts. You can save by using this card for your fuel purchases and more.

7. Avoid excessive idling.
Getting stuck in a traffic jam is a big problem and it wastes too much gas. But we’re not suggesting you turn off your car at a red light. If you do that, you’ll consume more gas once you start your engine back. However, avoid prolonged parking or idling when your engine is running. Better turn off the engine if you think you’ll be staying longer.

8.Walk or use a bicycle for short destinations.
A car is not always an option if you want to arrive at your designated place on time. For short visits and trips, use public transportation. Do a ten-minute walk or use a bicycle for cost effective and convenience. Remember, an exercise is good for you health.

9. Go carpool.
To save money and gas, you might want to start doing carpool. You can talk it out with your friends and make do weekly assignments. It’s much enjoyable if you’re driving with friends anyway.

10. Choose a right vehicle for you.
Never buy a car because of its brand. It’s the performance that counts. If you bought a car that is so expensive, yet, it waste more gas, then forget about it. Be practical when it comes to saving money.

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