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How to Apply for a Gas Credit Card

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Do you want to sign up for a new gas credit card? Is this your first time? Well here’s a little help for you, on how to apply.

Pick a gas card.

Picking a gas hard can be easy and hard, just depends on how hard or easy you make it. If you’re not sure which card company you’d like to go under, use the internet for some advice looking up rankings for the best card here in the U.S, or go to family or friends and see what they use or what they’d refer you to. There are many different benefits with card companies while you use their cards, so make sure to look into those as well.


While looking for a card to apply to, make sure to check their list of “rewards.” What is the percentage of cash you get back? can you redeem cash back? Anything their is under the small print that you need to read on? Make sure to check off these questions.


So you’ve read on your card and think you might have a card that you think you’d like best, and one that would be to good use for you and your expenses. There are still many, many questions to be asked and many answers we are looking for. For example, what is the annual fee under the card you have chosen, or are leaning towards? The up note about some card companies is that there are NO annual fees, major white flag when looking for a gas card. The words “No annual fees” sing to just about anyone looking to save money, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?!Also APR rates, and over limit fees are questions along the line of your annual fees. All very important to know.


Once you have a strong decision on the card you want to use, it is time for you to push that button and get ready to apply. General information on you will be required, first and last name, and your birth date just like any other application. Pick from different colors and decorations that you would like to have on your card. Make sure to have your personal cards and your wallet near by just in case while signing up for a gas card, esp if you have never done so before, you never know what questions will be asked on the application. Every company is different, and so as every application.

Gas Rebate Credit Cards

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Gasoline is a necessary evil; its price could go sky high but we still buy them. Even at gasoline’s highest pump price at $4.50 per gallon, people keep on buying them as there is no alternative to it. The only way to mitigate the high cost of gasoline is to look for savings options. One can minimize driving by taking public transport, trading your gas guzzler for an economical model, or learning how to drive at a speed that is considered most fuel efficient.