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Perfect Gas Credit Card

Gas prices have their valleys and peaks; they went up to a high of $4.50 per gallon of regular gas then bottomed out at $1.48 per gallon and it is now going up again, hitting $1.85 these days. It will not be surprising if it hit the $2.00 mark in a few days. It is for the reason of a volatile gas pricing mechanism that sent millions of people to use gas credit cards whenever they go to the pump to fill up. Gas, being a basic necessity worldwide, has to be purchased by people regardless of how it is priced.

Gas credit cards are the same as the basic credit card that rewards cardholders with rebates or cash backs whenever they the use such card when they make purchases. The proliferation of so many gas credit card offers compel people to apply for one even without examining the terms and conditions of the card. The following are some common tips that will help you in deciding what kind of gas credit card you are going to apply for:

• If you intend to pay your credit card bill beyond its due date, like paying only the minimum payment required in case you are somewhat cash-strapped, it will be for your best interest if you choose to get a card that charges the lowest interest rate.

• Choose a gas credit card that has a longer grace period for payments, allowing you to make payments well beyond the due date with reasonable interest rates. This type of gas credit card may, however, charge you with a higher APR and may give you a lower fuel limit.

• Check offers for a zero interest rate gas credit cards. Sometimes, the zero interest rates will be for the initial months only, thereafter, you will be charged a very high interest rate. Study the fine prints in every gas credit card offer before you finally apply for one.

• Gas credit cards offer cash back or reward points only if you fill up your tank a number of times in a month. If you drive short distances only, your gas consumption will be minimal thus you will not be able to avail of the reward system they offer. Look for a gas credit card that offers discount every time you go to the pump.

• Check if the gas credit card you will apply can be used in the gas stations in your area or areas where you usually drive to. It will be a waste of time and money if you have to travel long distance just to find a gas station that accepts your gas credit card.

• When you usually drive long distance or to different areas, apply for a gas credit card sponsored by the gas company that has branches in the places you usually travel to.

Gas credit cards can help people save a lot in their gas purchases. Even if your credit history is not that good, you can still avail of a gas credit card that will help you save money.

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