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Young Driver Auto Insurance

Children learning to walk brings exhilaration to their parents but at the same time brings also fear that they might stumble and fall. When kids learn how to drive, the emotions parents feel are quite akin to what they had when they were beginning to walk. Parents welcome the progress in their children’s lives but are protectively fearful at the same time being aware of their inexperience in the new-learned activity or function. Parents will have an innumerable “what ifs” in their minds as their teen son or daughter ventures out into the street in the family car? What if he did not see a road hazard? What if he did not avoid unsafe driving situation? What if… and on and on.

Unfortunately, car insurance companies think the same way as parents do when it comes to young drivers. Backed by statistics that show young drivers are filing for damage claims more than their adult counterparts, insurance companies tend to lump them together under one group – young and inexperienced drivers and therefore accident-prone. Since auto insurance premiums are based on the risk factor, these young, inexperienced drivers will be charged very high insurance premiums. It will then be a great shock to parents to discover that their insurance premium had doubled, even tripled, the moment they added their young driver into the policy.

But there are ways of cushioning the impact of a skyrocketing auto insurance premium because of the added young driver in the family. Auto insurance discounts can be availed of if only you know where to look for them.

Discounts may be given to good students. Auto insurance companies had learned long time ago that students with good grades are more responsible in all areas of their lives than poor students do. And this includes driving. Look for these auto insurance companies that offer discounts to students who maintain good report cards. Good grades may offset the young driver’s lack of driving experience.

Auto insurance companies give discounts to safe cars. A family sedan is a lot safer to drive than a sports coupe; a four-cylinder car is also safer than an eight-cylinder monster. If your young driver will be driving a safe car instead of a powerful racer, you can get a lot of discounts from the auto insurance company. Another factor to consider in the area of car safety will be the safety features and anti-theft devices installed in the car. If your car is equipped with an alarm system that will deter theft, a recovery device like a lo-jack, or a backing camera or device that makes parking a breeze, your auto insurance premium will drastically lower even if you have a young driver in the coverage. While newer cars come equipped with these devices, improving an older car by adding them will not only lower your insurance rate – it will make your car safe and less likely to be stolen.

Finally, attending auto safety classes will help your young driver prevent accidents and broaden their driving knowledge even with the limited experience they have. In addition to such benefits of attending auto safety classes, this will also lower the auto insurance premium.

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